Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are often at risk of injury, whether on the street, in a parking lot, or at a crosswalk. A person walking may be at risk of being involved in a slip and fall accident as well as a traffic collision. Both are serious and may cause life-altering injuries. Traffic crashes are particularly dangerous for pedestrians because they are brought head to head against a vehicle that may weigh thousands of pounds. A pedestrian stands no chance.

Have you lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident? Were you injured by an automobile while you were walking? Talk to a Pasadena pedestrian accident lawyer at our firm today about your options. The Law Offices of Roger W. Lopez offer a free consultation. We can answer your questions and address your immediate concerns.

Since 1977 our lawyers have acted as strong advocates for the rights of accident and injury victims and their families. We take on cases throughout Southern California, putting our extensive experience and resources to use as we fight to protect our clients’ interests and futures. It is always our primary goal to help our clients rebuild their lives and bring the responsible party to justice.

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